The unknown causes ?

This is not to say that I do not believe in consumption of organic foods anymore or that I have stopped having preference for them whenever I can. I still believe that organic is the way to go. Whether or not claims have been proved in respect of beneficial effects of organic food on the human body, at least we are preventing unnecessary chemicals from entering our bodies. We look at this way – perhaps my condition wasn’t the worse because of the organic constituents in my diet.

And it seems, diet, though undoubtedly important, is only one of the factors affecting our health. From what one reads these days, cell phone usage, air pollution, chemicals in some of the everyday things we use, some viruses and bacteria, could also lead to cancer. Then again, there is also a view that some people are more prone to cancer than others. It seems, this is an area where definitive answers are elusive and I guess, one has to draw a balance in our modern day living on what we want to expose ourselves with alongwith maintaining a healthy lifestyle by and large. I may add, I have been a vegetarian for about last 10 years and have always been a  nonsmoker and a nondrinker.


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